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Add to Wishlist. Joy Berry's pragmatic approach shows children how to win and lose graciously while treating others the way you want to be treated. The book is filled with full-color illustrations and simple text that make the sometimes-difficult information easy to take in. Similar Products.

Help Me Be Good Being a Bad Sport

If the unit is powered and plugs into an electrical socket, a transformer may be needed. Please check with us if you are unsure or need any assistance! Try to begin the conversation without being accusatory. Let them know that you understand that there might be unusual circumstances behind their behavior. The Reason : Try to listen carefully to your child's experience of what happened.

Was she under too much pressure to win? Did someone on the other team push her?

Help Me Be Good: Being a Bad Sport

Was she responding to a referee's unfair call? The Reason : It's always helpful to validate a child's feelings, even if you're not happy with her behavior.

The Words : "Those kinds of things may happen again; let's think about some other ways to cope. The Reason : Try to come up acceptable strategies for the inevitable frustrations of playing a sport. Encourage her to talk with her coach about her concerns.

ISBN 13: 9781605771083

Her coach probably has experience helping children cope effectively with the pressures of losing, unfair calls, or opponents who don't play fair. The Reason : Help your children put winning in perspective and learn to lose with dignity. The trick here is to make sure that you're telling them the truth about your feelings about winning. Even though you might be appalled by your child's display of bad sportsmanship, it's important to remain calm during the conversation.

Be clear about your values and expectations. Beyond the Rap Good sportsmanship begins at home. Often, kids who are bad sports feel like they are under a lot of pressure from their parents to win at all costs.

How to become a bad sport in a couple seconds : gtaonline

What kind of an example are you setting for your kids? Ask yourself these questions:. Look around at the parents of your child's teammates. Are they behaving like good sports?

irovodtu.tk If not, talk with your child about the adults' behavior, and about how hard it must be for the kids of these poor sports. FamilyEducation Staff.