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Quite a surprise that esteemed first amendment attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, wrote a snarky blog for many years. But it does explain how he came to know Thomas Retzlaff. It also explains why Retzlaff would call Dorrell his close and personal friend. It explains a whole lot. Ricky was shocked when a publisher approached Lucy to buy her spectacularly bad work. Hint No. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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But King Ramla's magic isn't free. The price he asks Octavion to pay goes against everything he's fought so hard to Cowboy Sandwich Book 2: Second Helpings. The men from the best-selling novel Cowboy Sandwich are back for a second helping of I posted his book report and commentary here , and followed with an update here. Full transcript of Jan. You can read that posting here. As noted, Philip apparently perjured himself in this testimony, since his story continues to evolve. Read the full transcript here.

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You can read the interview and all comments here. One of my readers posted a link to the discussion many thanks, Mr. Anonymous in my comments section. After I checked the thread, I posted my own comment. April 13, at 3: I heard your attorney may be facing a grand perjury charge of his own, based on his performance in a Jefferson County courtroom this week. Of course, all of this is just hearsay and rumor at this point, at least until the grand jury meets.


Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott

If only these people knew you like those of us in Southeast Texas know you! When questioned about that, you now claim you are the victim of a conspiracy and a misinformation campaign. Back to the original subjects, these are the questions you seem to be avoiding: As far as I can tell, you took the word of an unidentified person who called you on the phone. This does not constitute a valid chain of evidence and would never stand up in any court of law.

You even stated that the Coast Guard investigation was ongoing when all of the documents clearly say the investigation was over. Since these are essential to the central theses of your book, you should have some sort of documentation that backs up your claims. Radar Online posted the original documents from the Coast Guard investigation.

BUSTED! Texas Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell Self Doxes As Blogger

You can read them here: Draw your own conclusions. Philip immediately posted this response within 35 minutes: April 13, at 4: Good afternoon — I am sad to announce that I have been advised by legal counsel that I must stop participating in this blog. We are in litigation with the pen name Gus Pillsbury and it would not be approprate for me to participate under the rules laid out by our new legal counsel.

Thanks for the questions — I will not be monitoring this site nor will I be participating any longer. Klein My response from yesterday: April 14, at 9: But, this is quite typical, too. Will he be there, too, or do you think he may be in jail on that grand perjury charge? Special note to Philip: You can send them to us in care of our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell. It's kind of like watching King Kong and Godzilla square off. You don't know who to root for because they're both threatening, but you're hoping the battle lasts long enough for the monsters to destroy each other.

They lose, the world wins and it becomes a more pleasant place for ordinary people to live. Fade to black, roll credits. What happened in this particular scenario was that Philip Klein went Coon-hunting, and now Brett Coon's hunting Klein. With luck, they'll both may be hunted down. The problem is, Klein and Coon can dish it out, but neither one can take the reverse. Klein once invoked the First Amendment to defend himself against a defamation suit relating to posts on his Southeast Texas Political Review blog. In a separate incident, he subsequently sued Google, et al.

Back in , when we first launched the Southeast Texas Record, Beaumont attorney Coon, unaccustomed to having his legal gamesmanship scrutinized, began a campaign of harassment against us that included frivolous litigation. Now he's accusing Philip Klein of engaging in the very same kind of activity against him. Last May, Klein petitioned the court to have Coon included in his suit against Google, alleging that someone at Coon's firm had emailed the anonymous bloggers who had so infuriated Klein with negative attacks on the immense but shoddy fortress of his self-esteem.

Recently, Coon filed a motion for sanctions against Klein because of that petition, calling the litigation frivolous.

BUSTED! Texas Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell Self Doxes As Blogger | Iron Troll

Every penny of that 45 cents is important. Klein insists the petition is not frivolous. We will wait patiently to see how it turns out. We're looking forward to the sequels, featuring alleged victims of frivolous lawsuits filed by King Coon and Kleinzilla. Comparing Philip to a giant lizard with a reptilian sense of morality is indeed priceless — the staff at the Southeast Texas Record have outdone themselves.

As it turned out, Klein approached Coon and the two parties settled out of court. Read more about that here. While Philip is dropping this lawsuit, we are not — we fully intend to pursue the sanctions mentioned above and perhaps more. I suspect that with the developments over the past two weeks, PRK thinks he can circumvent these investigations into the perjured testimony and forged documents by pulling the suit.

Both sites posted pictures, reposted copyrighted photos and articles - as well as attacked my family, took photos of my home, my back yard and suggested other vile things about not only myself - but my family. All because I have a differing opinion in politics. The facts of the case are simple.

We petitioned the court to allow us to give us the IP addresses of the two from Google. And in fact, Google agreed. Then the two blogspots jumped into the suit and blocked it.

Thus started an up and down fight in the district courts to the appeals courts and back and forth for three years. The blogspots hired a good lawyer.

~ James McGibney is a complete fraud, and here is why…

In fact, he is a very smart lawyer that we recognize will keep the suit up and down in the justice system for years to come. Jeff Dorrell has done a masterful job. But he too has crossed many lines - of which he will answer for some day - not with the state bar - because they are about as useful as a nail in the road. But a larger power than me or this site.

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Again - as a lawyer he has done a masterful job and should be patted on the back. He has found a way to keep it in court for years to come. You learn really quickly if you last name is Klein that there are some things that are going happen - and some things that are not. There are two reasons today that I announce that we will be dismissing our this week as soon as our lawyers can file the paperwork. And I will list them for you without fear: No way - no how. With the exception of maybe one - who I hold a firm dear respect for - none of them would ever represent themselves fairly towards me.