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About The Author. She specializes in pressure cookers, loves to cook, and is always excited to share those passions with others. Her blog, The Kitchen Authority, covers cooking methods and recipes for everything from pressure cookers to con Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:.

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Extra Content. Editorial Reviews "Alison and her family introduced me to pressure cooking!! I''m proud to say I was able to work with her through several years and tens of thousands of happy pressure cooker customers. Nobody does pressure cooker recipes like Alison! From soup to ribs and everything in between, if it''s coming from Alison, it''s sure to be a family favorite! Taking a boat tour of the canals is one of the unmissable things to do in Bangkok, but beware of scams.

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The tour should last at least one hour and should cost no more than Baht per person and depart from one of the official docks around town — it is better to check in advance for the departure points. I only know too well or else, I would not be an unsuccessful backpacker : most of the time these people are just scammers who will offer a boat ride for 10 times the actual price.

If you really want a friendly local to take you around Bangkok, consider hiring one here. The best way to go may be to book a tour in advance.

These are some of the best tours I have found:. Jim Thompson deserves a special mention. He was an American architect turned silk entrepreneur who fell in love with Thailand and did everything he could to bring back to splendor the art of silk production in the country. So much he loved Thailand that he established his residence there, in a house that was fully built according to Thai traditions.

He disappeared mysteriously during a visit to Malaysia in Jim Thompson House is one of the places to visit in Bangkok — photo courtesy of Clay Gilliland flickr. It is necessary to arrive a bit in advance and sign up for a guided tour , which costs around Baht including the entrance fee.

The tour is available in English and French. The guides take visitors around the house, giving a good explanation of the architectural style of the house and of the various artifacts to be found there. Photos are not allowed inside the buildings but just in the gardens. Make sure to visit Bangkok best flowers market, Pak Klong. Pretty much any kind of flower is sold here, from the traditional roses to the lotus flowers which are worked to various shapes.

Shop keepers use ice to keep the flowers fresh against the heat of the city, and most businesses are family run. If you just do one thing while in Bangkok, that has to be trying its incredible food.


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Coming from me, a terribly picky eater, such a statement is worth a million times more. If you are unsure where to start from, and hardly adventurous with food, you can go on a street food tour so to have some guidance on what to eat and on where to go in Bangkok for the best food. Doing a street food tour is one of the best things to do in Bangkok not only for the short term gain of eating delicious food, but also because it teaches a lot about the culture of the country the importance of eating together, of sharing the dishes, and the overall food culture of South East Asia , and it gives some good insights on how to pick the best places for street food.

You will quickly realize that the best places are those that have a line that has to mean something, when people line up to eat! The tour usually goes around Chinatown and stops at some of the most popular food stalls. You normally will have three or four dishes, including noodles, dumplings and seafood or fish. Gorging down noodles: one of the things to do in Bangkok.

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  4. You can even have some fruit on the go. And for a real local dessert, go for mango and sticky rice. Lumpini takes its name from the Lord Buddha born in Nepal. The park sees lots of older Thai generations either practicing Thai Chi; or younger ones going for a romantic walk by the lake. The place to do it in Bangkok is the famous or rather, infamous now! Khao San Road. This is a road where bars are clubs are one after the other, and it is just a matter of picking one where to sit and have a drink.

    Bangkok is packed with places where you can get a drink. But for a real treat, make sure you go for a drink with a view. Dodging Bangkok nightlife is no easy task. I was lucky enough to have a friend who lives in Bangkok take me around — she knew exactly where to go in Bangkok and we ended up at a fun place with live music, the kind of place we used to go in our college years back home. Admiring a good sunset before a night out — one of the nicest things to do in Bangkok.

    In recent years Bangkok nightlife has seen a tightening of regulations.

    Bars and clubs now close between and am and smoking is not permitted indoors a welcome fact if you ask me. The trick to make the most of a night out in town is to know where to go on which night of the week. There are some websites that report the various bars, clubs and whatever is on in Bangkok nightlife. Consulting these sites is what to do in Bangkok if in search of a good time. From small market to shopping malls, from designer clothes to bargains, the only issue you may find while shopping in Bangkok is having to choose among the millions of inviting items to buy.

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    Even I could not resist the temptation and had to shop! Those looking for where to go in Bangkok for shopping, should head straight to Chatuchak Market. One of the nicest things to do in Bangkok is to be treated to a great hotel. The good news is that luxury is more than affordable there, and that even a budget hotel such as Nasa Vegas can be a total treat. Besides, Bangkok is so big that, in terms of accommodation, there is something for any budgets and need: from hostel dorms to home-stays, from boutique hotels to luxury and anything in between.

    Treating myself to a nice room: one of the things to do in Bangkok. Lumpini Park, in Silom, is where most embassies and consulates are located; it is clean, quiet and with lots of trees and pleasant to walk around. If treating yourself to a nice room is what to do in Bangkok, Aetas Hotel Lumpini is the right choice.

    I stayed at Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok and had an entire 70 square meters apartment to myself. Arriving there after a long journey from Italy, I was really happy to find such a spacious, comfortable and quiet place. It was one of the top things to do in Bangkok that I picked to do! Things to do in Bangkok: enjoy a fantastic view from the balcony. Having a good view of the city is one of the nicest things to do in Bangkok. You may get a large bedroom with all the amenities and a balcony; a fantastic living room with a cozy sofa and a large flat screen tv; a walk in closet which included an ironing board and a safe; a fully equipped kitchen with a large fridge, washing machine and anything you may possibly need to prepare and serve a meal provided that one would ever cook in a city like Bangkok, where street food is so good!

    Relaxing in a great room: one of the best things to do in Bangkok. The hotel has a gym, as well as a swimming pool to relax and wash away the heat of the day after having explored the city than jumping in that fantastic pool. Chilling at the pool is what to do in Bangkok after a day of exploration.

    Treating myself to a nice pool — one of the things to do in Bangkok. Breakfast at Somerset Park is incredibly varied — from traditional Thai dishes, to eggs, pancakes, and pastries and a very large selection of fresh fruit. The hotel also offers a free tuk tuk service to the main metro station nearby — which is very convenient. Indeed, using public transportation is one of the coolest things to do in Bangkok.

    At such convenient prices, one of the unmissable things to do in Bangkok is having a relaxing yet invigorating full body massage. Nothing better than this to end a day of exploration and right before going to sleep. Riding tuk tuks is one of the most fun things to do in Bangkok. Getting around Bangkok is really easy, and you have ample choice of transportation options to get from one place to the other.

    I recommend riding the skytrain if you are looking for a quick way to cover longer distances.