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Lien : Le Soleil. Electronics use at night may make teens more depressed. Bipolar Disorder is All the Rage! Lien : RTL. Negative impact of higher screen-time exposure on cognition and health were confirmed. Researcher's quote: "We know that the behaviors of physical activity, sleep and screen time can independently impact the cognitive health of a child. However, these behaviors are never considered in combination," said Jeremy Walsh, lead author of the study and a former post-doctoral fellow at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, where the research was carried out.

Lien : Actu. Or how we sacrifice our privacy and receive nothing in return. Odile Jacob, Join us in D. November , , Washington, DC. Video games improve attention, but is there also a link with dementia? Protegeons le cerveau de nos enfants. Lien : Edupax, Youtube. Lien : Sabine Duflo, Ville de Garges. Lien : APLP. Nobel Daniel Kahneman. Sabine Duflo. Lien : France culture.

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