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Status and fame? The answer varies from person to person, but each of us has an answer if we dig deep enough. Yet because of the fall Ge —20 , humans were separated from God, the source of our identity. In this alienated state, many of us now look to work as the source of our identity instead of the expression of it.

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It is how we have turned away from God to trust in ourselves and not in him. But we have deceived ourselves: We are never really autonomous or sovereign over own lives, and the gospel exposes our idolatry and false assumptions. Idols such as money, success, power and sex can never satisfy our deeper hunger for status and security.

These idols, and our attempts to feed and keep them, slowly dehumanize us and often hurt others. The good news is that Christ has reconciled humanity to God, and this renewed relationship can utterly transform our deepest motivations for work. This reality has a profound effect upon our motivations for work. Martin Luther King Jr.

He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, 4 John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, translation edition Louisville, Westminster John Knox Press, , 1. Many people often feel dehuman- ized at work, as they are treated as simply a means to an end. It takes the life of the other person into its own hands. Spiritual love recognizes the true image of the other person which he has received from Jesus Christ; the image that Jesus Christ himself embodied and would stamp upon all men.

How unfortunate that we so often have to remind ourselves that the individuals with whom we work are not a means to an end. They are not merely fellow employees paid to do work or resources that we can exploit in order to climb the corporate ladder. Of the three perspectives, renewal of our world is often the most difficult for people to grasp.

How does the gospel transform the world through work? Society as we know it today has been shaped and significantly influenced by faithful Christians living out their faith in their daily work. For many, unbeknownst to them, God has been at work through them to renew larger societal structures in our world. The church has given rise to entrepreneurs and innovators who saw particular areas of brokenness in our world and chose to act through the creative use of resources and talents available to them.

But why would God care about the renewal of this world, including the work of our hands? If this is true, then it is easy to understand why our work matters so much to God. As God is jealous for his own glory, he desires that our work in all the varying sectors of society display his manifold glory in concrete ways.

For example, when a person grows up in a society where the legal system affords due process, they come to know and experience a bit of what it means that God is just. When entrepreneurs grow up in a context where there are efficient and established financial systems, they have access to the kind of capital that enables them to give rise to something new and create opportunities for others to participate in cultivating this amazing world God created. God cares about our work because he cares about his glory. He desires to make known his glory in this world, and for that reason he will continue to seek those whose eyes are opened to see the work of his Spirit preserving and renewing every facet of this world that belongs to him.

The gospel gives us incredible hope for and in our work. The treasures that will be brought into this glorious city will be nothing less than the treasures of the nations Rev — It is the product of decades of research and development undertaken with the goal of equipping Christians to meaningfully engage their work with a renewed sense of the pow- er and relevance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Once your eyes are open to understanding the connection between faith and work, the work of Christ will become all the more beautiful and necessary to you.

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Theological truths are frequently delivered without a real sense of how they are relevant. A robust yet simple framework is needed to help users apply the doctrines presented in the Bible.

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We will explore how Biblical doctrines affect our 1 motivations, 2 relationships and 3 world. Another important premise of this Bible is that the gospel is central to all of Scripture. Each book, each narrative, each verse points us to the person and work of Jesus Christ, and it is this gospel that alone has the power to transform all of life and all of creation, including our work. The gospel therefore deeply transforms our motivations for work, our relationships at work, and how we engage with the world of our work. The gospel changes individuals, and at the core of this change is a new heart mo- tivated by what Christ has done in giving us a new identity.

Out of this new identity flows new desires, the greatest of which are loving God and loving our neighbor.

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Yet, this profound work of the gospel can be completely overlooked in the work context. We can work to secure a sense of our own iden- tity, worth, security, belonging, and comfort; yet work was never designed to ultimately provide these things. It is only in Christ that we as individuals can be rightly motivated to work in a manner that brings full glory to God. This Bible will make its readers more aware of the critical role of our motivations and desires and how the gospel is able to renew and reorder our desires, freeing us to work in a manner that releases the power of the gospel.

The gospel has profoundly reconciled relationships among human beings because of the restored relationship between humanity and God. The work of Christ in our lives through the Holy Spirit enables us to relate differently with all people. They are Relationships at work can often be a source of great discomfort, dysfunction, anxiety and toxicity. This Bible will help its readers see how the gospel can powerfully shape how we interact with those in our workplaces to promote healthy, effective workplace environments that unleash the potential and joy of people working together toward a common purpose.

The gospel also changes the world of our work. This Bible will help its readers make connections between the world of the Bible and our complex world today so that they can see what it means to be people called to seek the prosperity of the world around us. These three perspectives of motivation, relationships and world provide a robust framework that allows individuals to experience the gospel at different levels.

Grasping the gospel of Jesus Christ is the main point of this Bible.

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Every page of Scripture points to the significance of the person and work of Christ and how this gospel renews everything. Yet, we can lose sight of this amazing news if we fail to understand the overarching narrative of the Bible. It is easy to get lost in the details of each story and each book, and to lose the big picture that God is faithfully at work to fulfill the covenant he has made with his people. Calling and Work: Definitions. This Bible will address both the concepts of calling and work. It is important to differentiate these concepts because they are often used interchangeably; however, there is an important distinction to be made.

As the Caller, God has given to us a new identity and a new purpose in the gospel, which is the foundation of our calling. God has called a people, his church, as people called to follow him. This larger call includes but is not limited to the daily work that we do. Maintaining this distinction between calling and work allows us to understand how our larger calling can powerfully inform and shape how we approach our work.

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  5. This larger calling gives us reason to pursue work with redemptive hope and meaning. This Bible addresses both the larger concepts of calling and the more mundane aspects of our daily work. The Bible will, therefore, no longer seem to be a mere manual Core Doctrines The end goal of this Bible is to help users deepen their understanding and experience of the gospel, and to make them excited to engage their work in a new way. It is the work of Christ alone that has the power to renew our motivations, our relationships and the world.

    As we begin to understand the message of the gospel, there still remains the challenge of con- necting this ancient story to our daily lives today.

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    There is a significant cultural and historical gap between the context of the Bible and our modern world that makes meaningful application chal- lenging. Theology embodied in particular doctrines becomes essential to bridging this gap. What does the death, resurrection and glorification of Christ have to do with my work today? There are two possible approaches to answering this question.

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    One can start with specific work situations and try to find verses or passages that seem to apply to the situation. The other approach begins with Scripture and seeks to under- stand significant doctrines that can lead to a growing spiritual discernment.

    source url Given the complexities of our increasingly globalized world, there is a need for rich and robust theology to guide us in understanding how we might apply the Bible to specific workplace situations. This Bible features historic doctrines that help connect the Bible to our current work context.