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Poets' corner. When I got out of my car I realised it was a semi-conscious elderly woman, stone cold and soaked through, it looked like hypothermia was setting in.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin teases potential return to WWE ring

Crash survivor 'cold and soaked'. Simms Stone Cold Shirt. Everyone knows " stone cold " meaning "my tea was stone cold " and also "back this horse it's a stone cold certainty. Some more outlandish slang. Idioms browser? But while Dwayne Johnson has gone on to fame as one of the world's biggest movie stars and Triple H has remained with the WWE as a both an onscreen and behind-the-scenes authority figure, Austin is a little less visible than he was at the height of the Attitude Era.

He's never really gone away, but if you've been wondering what happened to Stone Cold after his final match at WrestleMania XIX, then sit back, crack open a frosty Steveweiser, and find out what happened to Austin after the last bell rang. Soon after, the legendary Dutch Mantell suggested that he changed his name to avoid confusion with the more famous "Dr. Death" Steve Williams — who would have his greatest fame in Japan as a member of a tag team with the amazing name "The Miracle Violence Connection" — and suggested that he work under the name "Steve Austin" instead.

By , he was signed to World Championship Wrestling as one of the Hollywood Blondes, a tag team with "Flyin'" Brian Pillman, but a few years later, following an injury and a series of frustrations that he chronicled in a famously inspiring promo , he was fired over the phone.

If "The Ringmaster" sounds a little goofy, that's because it is. It's better than some of the other options Austin was presented with when he took the job in the WWF, though. In an interview , Austin's former wife Jeanie Clarke — who also worked as his valet, Lady Blossom — revealed that the WWF's initial suggestions for Austin's ring name were all hilariously bad puns about the cold that even Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze would've passed on for being too hokey, including the truly jaw-dropping "Fang McFrost.

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Unfortunately, not all those memorable moments went as planned. At SummerSlam , Austin was wrestling against Owen Hart when Hart, usually one of the company's best workers, botched a piledriver and sent Austin crashing to the mat directly on his head, resulting in an immediate and very noticeable neck injury. While he finished the match and left the ring on his feet with the help of a couple referees , the injury kept Austin out of in-ring action for months, and, in , led to a neck surgery plus several months of rehabilitation.

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In addition to the neck injury, Austin also had several knee injuries. He even took to wearing one, then two knee braces in the ring, which became such a part of his iconic look that they were even included with action figures. Finally, in , the injuries accumulated to the point where Austin finally retired from competition.

As he said in a interview after casually listing a pretty horrifying string of injuries dating back to , "It's a rough job. It's a fun job, but make no mistake about it, it's a rough-ass way to make a living.

His brewery was off to a solid start. Then 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin showed up - Los Angeles Times

In addition to the physical deterioration adding up from the wear and tear of wrestling , Austin's last few years with the WWE were also marked by a series of personal problems. In , Austin walked out of the company twice, refusing to lose to then up-and-comer Brock Lesnar, and was blasted on television by announcer and long-time friend Jim Ross for "taking his ball and going home.

To make matters worse, also saw Austin plead no-contest to a charge of domestic violence , leading to a divorce from his wife Debra, who would go on to tell Fox News in that he was paranoid and prone to rage due to steroid use. Clearly, the time had come for Austin to step out of the spotlight.

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Even though he was no longer active as a wrestler , Austin's gift for entertaining promos would see him continue working with World Wrestling Entertainment years after his retirement. From to , he appeared onscreen as an authority figure under a variety of increasingly weird titles, starting as "Co-General Manager" before being fired and returning as "Sheriff" of the WWE.

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MMA Fighter Wears Stone Cold Steve Austin's Attire And Pulls Off 'Stone Cold Stunner'

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